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Custom Home Building Terms & Definitions

Construction plans drawn to scale used by builders and subcontractors to build a structure.
Building Codes
Legal requirements governing all aspects of construction, established and enforced by local governments to protect public health and safety.
Center Beam
The wood or steel member that runs across the length of the ground level of a house.
A mixture of cement, sand, gravel and water that hardens into a rocklike substance used in construction.
The widened supports at the base of all foundation walls.
The walls that are partially below-ground, supporting the weight of the building above.
The construction of the internal support of a structure, usually composed of wood or steel beams.
Preparing a site by digging or filling in earth/rock in order to accommodate the construction of a building.
Series of horizontal parallel beams that support a building's floor and ceiling.
Document issued by your local government agency that allows construction work to be performed. Construction work cannot begin until permits are issued.